“If you live in the dark a long time and the sun comes out, you do not cross into it whistling. There's an initial uprush of relief at first, then-for me, anyway- a profound dislocation. My old assumptions about how the world works are buried, yet my new ones aren't yet operational. There's been a death of sorts, but without a few days in hell, no resurrection is possible.”

–Mary Karr



No one in this life will escape the pain or loss in this life, but how do we see beyond the physical and see it as an opportunity to reimagine our lives to learn and fill it up with joy?

In 2014, on the day before her birthday, Jane Chung woke up to the news that her father was murdered.  Things quickly soon fell apart as she lost her business, her family’s business, home, dogs, relationship, and temporary eyesight.

While it was devastatingly painful and admittedly a lonely journey entrenched in anger and depression, it was where she felt God quietly meeting her.

As she began her process through her meditation and prayer, and the encouragement of her community, she started her path to healing. It was this experience that inspired her to start Joytude, a place where community can come and gather, and be encouraged to choose joy in the midst of all circumstances.

Joytude is a platform where intimate conversations are shared to cultivate joy, empathy, and kindness to ourselves and to the world.


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Jane Chung is an entrepreneur and creative director that helps startups to Fortune 500 craft their product, brand, and story. Her work has been recognized by TIME Inc., Wall Street Journal, and the United Nations. She also co-founded a startup incubated by TechStars NY which was later acquired.