Venetia Pristavec

Investor, musician, and author

As was one of the first employees at Airbnb, creative director Venetia helped the company grow to 1700 employees in 5 years. She soon became the 'face' of the company, as she traveled the world to tell the true stories of the Airbnb community and created over 400 pieces of content garnering millions of views. Her love of helping brands craft narratives has extended to other clients such as Phil, Weebly, GetStoried, Counsyl, Voxeet and more.

Venetia also sings children's music and writes books for kids. She believes that the patterns of destructive thinking begins in childhood and she hopes her art can create positive thinking at the youngest of ages. Some of her music are even designed for babies in the womb.

And while her string of successes look envious to most people, many do not know about the struggles she went through as she battled cancer, heartbreaks, and a death. Hear how her journey with dealing with hardships lead her to see life through a new lens.


Andrea Restivo

Co-FOUNDER of Yoga Nectar and Yoga Teacher

As one of the biggest health and yoga influencers in Los Angeles, Andrea Restivo uses her skills not only to help others to do yoga, but to awaken their mind, body, and spirit. She is the co-founder of the Yoga Nectar and teaches at Set and Flow in West Hollywood. Her courageous voice to share her journey have attracted and engaged communities from all over the world. 

Interestingly enough, her passion to help others came from a place of pain. After a crippling back injury, Andrea was told she would never be able to run, swim, bike, dance, or engage in any strenuous activity ever again. That’s when Andrea found yoga. It helped her heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually as she nursed through some of her darkest chapters in her life. This knowledge inspired her to help others. She took a leap of faith and quit her job to become a teacher for the mind, body, and soul. Since then, she cultivated a health and wellness community, encouraging them to come to the mat to gain consciousness, listen to our bodies and minds, and live a life of joy. 



Sheila Darcey

Founder of Sketchpoetic and Artist

Sheila Darcey’s mission of elevating art as a tool for healing is derived from her 20+ years as a facilitator, coach, and consultant in the technology and digital agency space. Her work with Fortune 500 companies led to a greater understanding of what drives transformative growth in individuals and teams. 

Through a series of collaborations with other artists, practitioners, and therapists, Sheila has established creative techniques to unlock, express, and release. She connects the benefits of daily art with the therapeutic nature of mindfulness and relaxation. She also promotes the exchange of ideas through her global art collaborations.  

While Sheila has experienced success in life, her definition of success has shifted. Her courageous decision to finally face her pain and trauma is what brings meaning and depth to her work. It is her journey that fuels her passion to help others choose joy.